Leading expertise - burning commitment

Bluegreen is a corporation with leading international expertise in thermoplastics. Our competence, innovative mindset and our unique solutions enables us to see opportunities where others see limitations.

The ocean covers 70 percent of the earth's surface and contains 95 percent of the habitats on our planet. The ocean provides us with oxygen, much of the fresh water we drink and the food we eat. To ensure that the sea remains a valuable resource for future generations as well, we must act now.

Our vision is to deliver the world's most environmentally friendly solutions for and in water - hence the name Bluegreen: "Green solutions for the blue water and air". We focus in particular on three industries: The aquaculture industry, environmental technology (CCUS) and more traditional infrastructure (water distribution and renewable energy):

"We are a start-up with a long history. I am so proud to work with the people who have built the two largest thermoplastic structures in the world, and soon we will break that record again."
- Nils-Johan Tufte


Our vision is to deliver the world's most environmentally friendly solutions for and in the water.


Our mission is to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals through the use of our expertise and solutions.


Courage We are brave. We dare to challenge ourselves and our customers and step out of our comfort zone.

Responsibility We take full responsibility for what we deliver and our results. We are trustworthy.

Joy We have fun at work. We spread joy and cheer on each other, show positivity and care.

Management Team

Nils-Johan Tufte

Partner / CEO

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Geir Andresen

Partner / Project Manager

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Elg Ragnar Thunes

Partner / HSEQ and HR manager

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Sondre Thorsen


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Ole Martin Lunde

Project and Administration Manager

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Erik Ritch-Reinfjord


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Yvonne Aasbø


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