We deliver bluegreen solutions for a sustainable future.

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We build FishGLOBE 3.5K on behalf of Uponor.

Fall 2021

We design and install water intakes and outlets on the world largest hatchery.


We weld many large pipes for RGS in their Movar project. Here we use our McElroy machines with Polyhorse and data logger.


We design and build PE constructions for CCS / CCU pilot plant.


We build odor reduction filters in thermoplastic for Lindum / Clairs.


We weld pipes and constructions for Dykkerteknikk.


We are building water basins in thermoplastic for Ahlsell.


We deliver soap tanks to Aas Mek's ships.


We deliver cooling plants and piping for Agder Energi.


We deliver constructions and piping to the research lab on Campus ├ůs.

Spring 2021

Marine Donut

Cost-efficient closed fish farm structure providing premium fish with minimal environmental footprint.


Water is one of our most important resources. It gives us oxygen, a lot of the fresh water we drink and the food we eat. But the sea is threatened. Of climate change, overfishing and pollution. Of environmentally hazardous emissions. Waste materials. Leaks. To save the sea, we must act now. We are up to the challenge! With our technology and expertise, we will create tomorrow's solutions - environmentally friendly products for, and in, water. We have identified three sustainability goals that we focus on, every single day.