Marine Donut Configurator

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Minimal impact on the external environment.

Premium quality

Optimal conditions for fish health.

Good profitability

Competitive production costs per kilogram of fish.

One size fits all

From post-smolt to market-size fish.

Ordering process

  1. Follow the steps in the configurator to design "your" Marine Donut.

  2. View the price estimate and make any necessary changes.

  3. Reserve your spot in the queue with a 5% deposit of the price estimate.

  4. Download the invoice and make the deposit payment within 7 days to secure your queue position.

  5. The deposit is placed in a secure client account and deducted from the total amount.

  6. Our project manager will reach out within 7 days for a review of the project and timeline. The design of your Marine Donut begins, and a delivery date is set.

If you change your mind within 45 days, you'll receive a 2/3 refund of the deposit. The remaining 1/3 is non-refundable and covers design and cancellation fees.