Sharing knowledge - Marine Donut project

Marine Donut is a pioneering closed containment facility addressing the needs of future fish farming. The concept has been awarded development permits by Directorate of Fisheries due to its potential to solve many of the environment and area challenges that the industry is facing.

With SalMar as project owner, the construction of the first Marine Donut is underway. Here you can follow the project's knowledge sharing.

May 2024

First fish stocking. Thousands of 2.5 kg salmon calmly and evenly distribute throughout the facility.

February 2024

Succesfull wellboat test filling and emptying the Marine Donut with fish.

November 2023

The Marine Donut receives certification and is approved for fish.

July 2023

The Marine Donut is in place in the Romsdalsfjord, and it has been lowered into the water. Now, we are awaiting commissioning and testing before it can be filled with fish.

June 2023

The Marine Donut is launched at sea!

July 2023

The Marine Donut has embarked on its journey from Bamble to Romsdal Fjord, covering a distance of 510 nautical miles.

Q2 2023

Finishing touches on the fish volume! Soon up to 1,100 MTB salmon will be swimming here.

Q1 2023

The ring is closed! The main structure is complete and the Donut is getting closer to launch.

Q4 2022

The construction is according to plan, and steering towards launch in end of March.

Q3 2022

Construction of Marine Donut starts at Bluegreen's construction site in Bamble.

Q2 2022

SalMar signes contract with Bluegreen to build the world's first Marine Donut.


The Directorate of Fisheries awards a development permit to test the Marine Donut concept on a full scale.


SINTEF conducts a pool test of a 1:10 scale model with promising results.


Nils-Johan Tufte has the idea for a donut-shaped closed containment facility. The concept development starts.

Project status

Project Partners


Customer, project owner.


Contractor, engineering and construction


Electrical work, automation and instrumentation


Thermoplastic material (HDPE)




UV lamp og Bernoulli filter


Oxygen og emergency-oxygen


Lighting in fish volume

Solar Energy

Solar panels from REC


Global analysis and detailed structure design


CFD analysis og simulations


Design verification and product certification


Pool test of scale model 1:10

Nils-Johan Tufte

Partner / CEO

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Phone +47 48 30 48 35