We deliver sustainable and innovative EPCI solutions in thermoplastics that reduce material consumption, resist corrosion and prevent leakage.

Marine Donut

Marine Donut is a donut-shaped closed fish farm system providing supreme fish quality with minimal environmental footprints - in a cost-efficient way. Marine Donut prevents escape and contamination, minimizes the risk of sea lice and ensures good feed factor. As a breeder, you get full control over the fish and the environment, as well as the costs.

Our Solutions

Closed Fish Farms

In addition to our own product Marine Donut, we also deliver solutions for external customers and IPR. Bluegreen personnel have been essential in the development and construction of the Preline Fishfarming system, which is currently operated by Lerøy, and FishGLOBE v5, which is operated by Ryfish / Grieg Seafood. If you need a closed fish farm, get in touch and we can either develop a thermoplastic solution and/or build it for you. We have local partners all over the world and a business model that can deliver facilities anywhere, with production nearby the final location.

Land-based Fish Farms

Bluegreen personnel have previously been involved with developing, designing and building the infrastructure and chambers for countless land-based fish farms. We can contribute with the design and construction of fish transport pipes, chambers, water and drainage pipes, oxygenation solutions, fittings and equipment installation. Often we are a subcontractor to a process or technology supplier, but we also do assignments directly for the breeder. We cover the complete pipelines including subsea pipeline section of land-based fish farms, and weld the PE liner inside the concrete chambers. Our well-established network of partners allows us to cover most solutions and needs.

Fusion Services

We provide the full range of fusion services, whether it is prefabrication, installation work and rebuilding or installation of traditional cage systems.


We analyse, develop and design structures and infrastructure for the aquaculture industry. All work is thoroughly documented according to current standards and customer requirements. One of our special expertise is the development and documentation of fusion procedures.

Why Choose Bluegreen

One stop-shop. We can deliver from A to Z on your project, either alone or together with our established network of skilled and trusted partners.
Quick response. We are hungry and customer oriented. We have the ability to scale up quickly when needed to deliver on a project.
We have world-leading thermoplastic fusion expertise.
We have prefab-capacity.
We do installations at fish farm locations – on site.
We provide engineering and design.
We deliver aquaculture structures and infrastructure.

Nils-Johan Tufte

Partner / CEO

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