Water manholes in HDPE - 100% leakage free, durable and recyclable

Traditionally, water manholes have been made of concrete, a solution that is not completely sealed. In coastal municipalities, seawater intrudes during high tides, and in places with high groundwater levels the groundwater leaks into the basin. When water penetrates into the manhole, it causes the fitting to be exposed to corrosion. It is also unfortunate in terms of HSE that the operator risk standing in the basin with water up to his knees.

HDPE manhole prevents leakage

The solution is simple: Water manhole in HDPE. It is a 100% leakage free material and all joints and transitions are fused completely tight. The basin has a fully fused bottom plate and all pipe connections are mounted on valve junctions and pushed out through the basin wall, to then be fused both on the inside and outside. If you want to make changes after installation, it is entirely possible to fuse in pipes or make other changes, without affecting the quality to any extent. That makes PE a very flexible choice. All our manholes are drawn and calculated in our own design department.

100 year lifespan

According to the Norwegian Water Industry, new VA projects must last for at least 100 years. This requires that the water basins also have a lifespan of 100 years, which the HDPE manholes have. When the basin is to be disposed of, the HDPE material can be recycled. This makes our water basins a highly sustainable solution.

In adherence to VA Miljøblad 112

All our manholes meet all the requirements specified in VA Miljøblad 112. It states, among other things, that it must be possible to change parts, install shut-off valves for wiring lines and drains. Arrangements have been made to remove flushing water and drain lines, install an air valve, install a fire valve and carry out disinfection. In our manholes, it is also possible to take water samples, measure pressure, install any connection lines and insert a cleaning plug.


It is at our workshop in Skien that the water manholes are produced. The workshop has modern and efficient equipment, with skilled and solution-oriented professionals. Any water basin is tailored to the specific project.

"As a rule, we receive specifications from the contractor and create construction drawings based on these", explains workshop foreman Kristoffer Rønning. "The manholes often have a diameter of between 1200 and 3000 mm, while the height varies from 1.5 to 3-4 metres. Everything is possible!"

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Withstands surface loads

Where the manhole is to be located under a busy road, it must withstand heavy surface loads.

"Many people regard plastic as a soft material, so we often get questions about whether the HDPE manhole can withstand traffic loads", says Rønning. "We have therefore carried out tests to obtain documentation on exactly this. The tests showed that the HDPE manholes can withstand traffic loads well.

Short delivery time

Despite tailoring, Bluegreen has a short delivery time for the manholes:

"We usually have 2-4 weeks delivery time on our tailor made water manholes.That is very good in today's market", says Rønning.

Facts about our HDPE manholes

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