BLUEGREEN GROUP | 23.11.2021

Tailor made solutions

In our workshop we produce various products in thermoplastic - whether it is for special design or tailoring. The advantage of choosing thermoplastic for your product is that it is maintenance-free, very durable and without risk of leakage. An added benefit is the recyclability of the material.

"In many projects, off-the-shelf products do not work, and that is where we come in. We have a fully equipped workshop specialized in thermoplastic welding, and can produce both small and large products. Some we make just one of, others several", explains workshop chairman Kristoffer Rønning.

Our customers are very satisfied.

"Bluegreen always delivers as agreed, and they are good at tailoring the product according the customer's specifications", says Stian Tørnes, Project Manager / Technical Design at Clairs, who has been a customer since we started.

Here are some of the products that our workshop delivers:


We make a lot of basins for water and drainage. When water and drainage pipes are upgraded, many choose to switch to PE instead of concrete and fiberglass. With PE, you get a basin that is maintenance-free and guaranteed without leakage. These basins must be specially made due to different dimensions. The largest we have delivered is 3 meters in diameter. Our basins are approved according to the VA standard 112.

Pumping stations

We make tailor-made pumping stations for drains and sewers. These are traditionally made of fiberglass or concrete, solutions that are not recyclable or sustainable. Our pumping stations are made of durable and recyclable PE, and are tailored to different types of pumps and needs.


For Clairs, among others, we make filters for air purification at process plants and waste plants. The customer comes with requirements specifications and dimensions, and we work out the design and carry out the production.

Pipe fittings

We make tailor-made pipe parts such as bends, branch pipes and T-pipes for both wholesalers and contractors. We can deliver up to 630 mm in diameter in outer dimensions.

Soap tanks

To Aas Mek, we deliver soap tanks to their well boats, which transport salmon to and from the cages. Aas has chosen PE because it is a durable material that resists corrosion and is easy to maintain.

Intake pipes

We make intake pipes for closed and semi-closed fish farms. This ensures water intake under the lice belt and gives good temperature control for the aquatic environment in the fish farm all year round. The picture shows the extension pipe to FishGlobe's water intake.

Special design

Do you have a product or part you should have made, and wonder if thermoplastic can be the right material? Do not hesitate to reach out to us! We will help you from A to Z - with design, dimensioning and production.

"Customer service is a priority for us. We pride ourselves at delivering great result, in a short time", Kristoffer concludes.

Kristoffer Rønning

Workshop Manager

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