BLUEGREEN GROUP | 25th05.2022

Achilles Approved

Achilles Utilities NCE is a supplier register and qualification system used by the energy industry. It manages supplier information and risk in the supply chain, thus securing efficient procurement in line with EU regulations.

Through Achilles Utilities NCE, suppliers are pre-qualified to deliver goods and services to a large number of Nordic energy companies. Analyzes show that employees in Achilles-audited companies have as much as 40% less risk of having an accident at work (according to the Riddor average).

"As a serious supplier, we wholeheartedly support certification systems and registers such as Achilles," says Elg Ragnar Thunes, HSE and HR manager at Bluegreen. "It simplifies the procurement for the customer, and ensures that suppliers compete for the jobs on equal terms. Bad players are weeded out."

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Elg Ragnar Thunes

Partner / HSEQ and HR manager

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