BLUEGREEN GROUP | 16.03.2022

FiiZK // Intake pipe for closed cage

FiiZK has engaged Bluegreen to supply intake pipes for an innovative closed containment cage. Our experience, certified welders and control systems were crucial for us to win the job.

FiiZK is a competence environment that combines industrial experience and craftsmanship with academic competence in biology, economics, aquaculture, cybernetics and programming. The goal is to contribute to the further development of the aquaculture industry. FiiZK has, among other things, developed Certus 15000, an innovative closed containment cage.

Among other things, the cage is designed with a strong industrial PVC tarpaulin that closes the production volume, and four independent intakes that pumps lice free seawater into the cage.

Certus 15000 is so far the best-selling closed containment cage on the market. In connection with a delivery to the Faroe Islands, Bluegreen was engaged to deliver the intake pipes. The 20-meter-long pipes is currently under prefabrication according to Fiizk's drawings, in our production hall on our deep-water quay in Bamble,

“The system must be certified according to NS9415, so we needed a supplier with documented qualified personnel,” says Steffen Silden Langelo, Purchasing Manager at Fiizk. “Bluegreen has certified welders with significant relevant experience, and could also guarantee fast delivery at a competitive price.”

When the pipes are finished, they will be shipped from the quay in Bamble and on to the Faroe Islands for installation on the cage.

Bård Bergan

Project Engineer

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