BLUEGREEN GROUP | 9th05.2021

We won contract to build a new FishGLOBE.

Even though we are newly established, we still have considerable experience from the industry. In a short time, we have recruited a team with some of the world's leaders in engineering, welding and production of large structures and infrastructure in thermoplastic. This was crucial when we won the contract for the construction of a new FishGLOBE in January 2021.

- Previously, we have been involved in developing and building closed farming systems in thermoplastic, such as Preline and FishGlobe V5, with good results. We have been working on the contract for FishGlobe 3.5K since October 2020, before it was signed by Bluegreen Fusion and Uponor Infra at the end of January 2021. The project is now well underway and will be delivered in the autumn of 2021.

The project is carried out together with Uponor Infra and Icon Systems. Uponor Infra is the general contractor for design, fabrication and construction, while Icon Systems is responsible for technical equipment and integration of all technical equipment. Bluegreen is a subcontractor to Uponor Infra and is responsible for the actual construction and prefabrication of the construction.

About 15 people will be involved in the construction from Bluegreen, before the world's second FishGLOBE can be transported to the Lysefjord, where the first globe is located. This is a result of Norwegian engineering at its best, with a unique patented technology from FishGlobe that makes the aquaculture industry more sustainable. The globe eliminates the problem of salmon lice and escapes, collects all sedimentable particles and is built in 100% recyclable polyethylene.

- With a total weight of just under 200 tonnes and a diameter of over 22 meters, the globe is a colossal construction, says Geir Andresen, partner and project manager at Bluegreen. - Here we must really use our experience and knowledge of the material and welding procedures to contribute to the industry being further developed in the right direction. Our position is unique and in these corona times, where access foreign expertise is challenging, our pool of skilled workers and ability for swift implementation is crucial to success.

- Many point to plastic as an environmental sinner, says Tufte. - But the matter of fact is that plastic is actually the environmentally friendly alternative for this type of construction. It is everyone’s littering that is environmentally damaging, not the use of the raw material in production. Polyethylene is currently used in floating rings and other known equipment in the aquaculture industry and is the most widely used material for our drinking water pipes. Polyethylene is very suitable for liquid fish farms, leak-proof and resistant to corrosion. We assume that it can be in operation for at least 20 years. And when the plant finally has to be disposed of, the polyethylene is 100% recyclable and has a positive scrap value.

The mayor of Bamble, Hallgeir Kjeldal, was present during the signing of the contract with Uponor.

- This is a day of joy for Bamble municipality and the entire region, says Kjeldal. – I am impressed with how far Bluegreen has come in such a short time, and I look forward to following the further development of the company. We are all cheering on you!

The globe is scheduled to be completed in the autumn of this year. - Then we have promised a big party on our pier for everyone involved, Tufte concludes enthusiastically. Covid allowing ...

Geir Andresen

Partner / Project Manager

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