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FishGLOBE // the world's largest structure in PE

Closed fish farming is the way forward - it ensures high quality product in an environmentally friendly way. FishGlobe is built in 100% recyclable polyethylene, and this has been a project where we have utilized all our experience and expertise on thermoplastics. On October 6, FishGlobe was launched from our quay in Bamble, and is now located in Erfjord, Rogaland, where it will be filled with 250 tonnes of post-smolt.

FishGlobe has a total weight of 200 tons and a diameter of over 22 meters. This makes it the world's largest PE construction. FishGlobe has a unique patented technology, and eliminates problems with salmon lice, escapes and waste products. It is built in 100% recyclable polyethylene and is very resistant to corrosion.

Project manager satisfied - Bluegreen at the forefront globally in large PE constructions.

Geir Andresen, partner and COO, has been the project manager.

"I am very happy with the project. It has taken many thousands of hours of work and the guys have been absolutely fantastic. Not least in the sprint, they have shown an extremely high work ethic. In this project, we have demonstrated both professional competence and the ability to be solution-oriented. Bluegreen is at the forefront of large PE constructions in the world. There is no one who is close to achieving what we have done - in just 6 months!" says Andresen, who also highlights our expertise in welding procedures. "We can document that what we do is safe, and we can be behind a handover with guarantees that this holds true."

FishGlobe ready for scale-up

FishGlobe is also very pleased with the work of Bluegreen, which is a subcontractor to Uponor Infra.

"Building 3.5K in an environment that is free from wind and rain has been important in order to get the quality needed for this product. Bluegreen has shown that the concept of a tent on a site near the sea is possible and we are ready to scale this building method to other geographical sites close to the customer, says Tor Magne Madsen," Director of Sales and Projects at FishGlobe.

"It was of course a risk to choose a newly started company that had plans to build the world's largest PE construction on an empty parking lot in a tent that had not yet been ordered. We believed in the expertise that lies in the company and the experience from the previous 3.5K. Fortunately, we were right," says Geir-Are Berg, Manager Industry in Uponor Infra satisfied.

We greatly appreciate the customer confidence, and can with great pleasure reveal that we are already in dialogue with Uponor to start construction of the next FishGlobe.

Geir Andresen

Partner / Project Manager

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