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Land-Based Aquaculture: Completion of the Sande Settefisk Facility

Sterner has been the main contractor for this project. We have played a key role as subcontractors, responsible for both above and below-ground piping, as well as the lining of the fish tanks.

Located in Gloppen municipality, a few kilometers from Sandane, this project carries a total cost of approximately 270 million Norwegian kroner, excluding value-added tax.

Recently, after 75 days in construction, the first batch of fish weighing 280 grams was introduced. The advantage of raising fish to larger sizes on land is that they spend less time in the sea, which reduces their exposure to diseases.

Fish for Internal Use

Svein Klævold, Chairman of Sande Settefisk and CEO of Nordfjord Laks, told Byggindustrien that the facility is initially constructed to supply fish to their own facilities.

"We hope to produce more than 1,000 tons of fish annually in the new facility. We anticipate the fish will remain in the facility until they reach approximately 500 grams before being transferred to the sea. We are already in production and recently delivered the first batch of fish to Svanøy Havbruk. Our owners will have a significant portion of the fish for their use, but approximately one-third will be sold to external buyers," says Klævold.

Innovative Water Treatment Solutions from Sterner

There has been recent media coverage regarding older settefisk facilities and emissions. The new settefisk facility is equipped with advanced water treatment technology provided by our partner Sterner.

"The standard purification process involves classic stages such as mechanical filtration, where particles are removed using filters, and biological treatment to reduce toxins like ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. These substances can be fatal to fish if their concentrations are high. Finally, CO2 is vented. Sterner employs unique details within each of these subprocesses.

Leftover feed and other waste from production are collected in a treatment facility, dried, and processed further in a circular economy cycle. Sterner's unique solution involves mechanical dewatering and drying (MAT) in a way that preserves crucial nutrients."

Bluegreen: A Competent and Solution-Oriented Supplier

Our involvement in the land-based facility began in the fall of 2021. Rune Dorholt has been the project manager for our deliveries and commends the excellent collaboration with Sterner and the other project suppliers: "With good communication and teamwork, we have effectively addressed the challenges."

Sterner's project manager, Thomas Haugehåtveit, concurs: "We are pleased with the excellent dialogue and cooperation on solutions, as well as a solution-oriented approach on-site. This enabled us to achieve successful solutions despite various obstacles, such as cold weather and heavy snow during the construction period."

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