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Land-based fish farming facility for Fortum: - Piping work completed

Gammelkroppa Lax, owned by Fortum, has been producing cultured fish for Lake Vänern since the 1980s. Approximately 175,000 smolt are released annually. Now, a new climate-adapted facility is being constructed.

"When hydropower plants are built, it poses challenges for salmon and trout living in rivers and streams," explains Rune Dorholt, project manager at Bluegreen. "That's why power producers establish fish farming facilities to produce fish for release into rivers and lakes. This ensures the maintenance of the population."

Sterner will deliver the new facility, which consists of a total of 34 fish tanks measuring six and eight meters in diameter. These are divided into two RAS systems: one for growth and one for broodstock.

According to plan

Bluegreen has been contracted to provide the piping work, which we started in February. Thomas Goberg and Ståle Finnmark, two of our plastic mechanics, have been an efficient and skilled duo in the field.

"There are, of course, certain challenges associated with laying pipes in the ground in the middle of winter here in Scandinavia," says Ståle. "But on this project, the roof of the building was erected early, so we didn't have to shovel snow. That was a big advantage and significantly eased our work!"

The project has proceeded entirely according to plan, and now the piping work is complete. The next step is filling and pouring the floors and walls for the RAS facility.

Traveling provides variety and flexibility

New challenges await Thomas and Ståle, who look back on a pleasant winter and spring in Filipstad:

"Bluegreen usually rents a house near the location, so we don't have to stay in construction barracks or hotels. On the Gammelkroppa project, we stayed in a summer cottage in Filipstad. It was cozy," says Thomas, who enjoys working "on-site" on projects.

"I enjoy traveling. We constantly get to experience new places, and the work is very diverse. In addition, the shift rotation is good - 4 days on and 3 days off. It suits me and my family life well."

Rune Dorholt

Project Manager / BIM Engineer

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