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Marine Donut - should be exempt from resource rent tax?

This is the opinion of Norsk Industri, who visited Bluegreen earlier this week. The delegation from Oslo got the full tour of "The Donut".

Knut E. Sunde, director Norsk Industri and Nils Johan Tufte, CEO Bluegreen

The innovative closed containment system is soon to be completed. Recently, we were able to celebrate that the "donut-shape" was complete. We hope and believe that the Marine Donut, which can now boast the title "The world's largest structure in thermoplastics", can also be the answer to the aquaculture industry's challenges related to salmon lice, escapes and negative impact on the external environment.

“The environmental benefits are obvious. But we are confident that when you consider mortality, wastage, feed factor and everything related to production costs, the Marine Donut will also give the industry an increased profitability. And it is important if closed containment systems are to succeed on a large scale,” says Nils Johan Tufte, CEO of Bluegreen.

Should be exempt from resource rent tax

On Monday afternoon, a delegation led by Norsk Industri came to Bamble for a tour of Marine Donut. Knut E. Sunde, director in Norsk Industri, was impressed by what he saw.

“What we have seen today confirms that closed containment systems are entirely possible to create and that customers are interested. However, it is expensive and therefore we have to stimulate this through tax incentives. We believe that closed facilities, which do not have lice or escapes, should be exempt from resource rent tax so that we can speed up production. For the benefit of society, and also for the benefit of the aquaculture industry”, says Sunde, before concluding:

“I am unbelievably impressed! This is Norwegian-made from A to Z, and it is sustainable from here to the moon. We will be proud of this. In 10 years we will say: why didn't we do it before??”

Tufte agrees:

“I think the timing is right. Politicians have talked about this for a long time. We expect that framework conditions that support the development of closed containment systems will be in place soon.”

Watch the feature here (Norwegian only. Skip to 5:50).

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