BLUEGREEN GROUP | 2nd06.2021

Puts High Force Fusion on the agenda

Like all industries, plastic fusion is also constantly evolving. Some are skeptical of change and new technology, while others embrace it. We at Bluegreen belong to the latter group. We want to put High Force Fusion on the agenda.

High Force Fusion is a method where, as the name implies, you fuse under high pressure. In fact, about twice as high a pressure as the traditional welding procedure (low force) to which INSTA 2072 refers. The high pressure means that the thermoplastic is fused faster, and you save time. Few machines can handle this, but our McElroy machines are capable of this.

And time is money in this as in other industries. In our last project, calculations showed that we could save a full 90 hours by using the High Force method according to ISO standard instead of INSTA standard.

So what's the challenge? Well, in Norway INSTA 2072 is used. But is it the procedure or the result that matters? In previous positions, our key personnel engaged Kiwa to test high force fusion (ISO-procedure) compared to INSTA 2072 (low force procedure). The report concluded that both passed the requirements for visual inspection and tensile strength.

To get high force fusion on the agenda, we have started a new test program at an independent third party. We look forward to publishing the results, proving the benefits of high force fusion - and challenging the industry to embrace new and more effective methods.

Stay tuned!

Nils-Johan Tufte

Partner / CEO

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