BLUEGREEN GROUP | 10th11.2021

SalMar // New hatchery in central Norway

The trend has been notable for several years. Land-based smolt and post-smolt plants are becoming larger and more complex - and also deliver better on most parameters. This development calls for top performing suppliers, and we are proud to be part of the team of specialists when SalMar builds a new hatchery at Tjuin in Malm.

“The new plant will be a state-of-the-art plant for smolt production. RAS technology reduces fresh water consumption by more than 97 percent compared to traditional flow-through systems,” says SalMar.

Sludge will be collected and can be used in the circular economy, either as a biogas or soil improver.

“This minimizes the environmental footprint of the plant and is in line with SalMar's plans for further sustainable development of the industry.”

Fresh water supply and drain pipes

The project has a budget of NOK 1.2 billion NOK and will have a capacity of 4,000 tonnes or about 20 million smolts depending on the smolt size. Bluegreen designs and installs fresh water supply and drain pipes. Here, too, the project excels in terms of size.

“We deliver a pipeline of about 7000 meters in terrain and 2000 meters at sea,” explains project engineer Erik Klepp. “It requires both expertise and ingenuity. With our McElroy machines, we fuse suitable lengths that are moved up into the terrain, before the next piece is fused on.”

A competent crew

“When we started the project, Bluegreen was newly established. But we knew that they had a competent crew with a lot of experience,” says Jon-Ivar Hovd, Project Manager at SalMar Settefisk AS. “The long distances make the supply of water and sewage demanding, and Bluegreen has solved this in a good way. We are very pleased with the way they have delivered on this project.”

In addition to water supply and drainage services to the fish farm, we supply municipal drinking water to the town of Malm.

Erik Klepp

Project Engineer

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