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Sea Pipeline in Bjørvika

After approximately four years of construction, the residential and commercial project Clemenskvartalet in Bjørvika, Oslo, has been completed. Bluegreen has provided sea pipeline and plumbing work in connection with the energy center that supplies cooling and heating to the quarter.

Clemenskvartalet is located in the heart of Bjørvika, nestled between Middelalderparken, Gamlebyen, Ekeberg, and the fjord.

The development is led by Oslo S Utvikling (OSU), which has previously developed significant parts of Bjørvika, including the Barcode row, and Hav Eiendom.

A Splash of Color in Bjørvika

Clemenskvartalet consists of a full block development, totaling almost 40,000 square meters. The project includes 269 apartments, commercial spaces on the ground floor, and parts of the two underground levels.

While Bjørvika has previously been criticized for its lack of color, Clemenskvartalet stands out with vibrant aesthetics. The developers and architects at MAD Arkitekter drew inspiration from Gamlebyen, Torshov, and Majorstua, incorporating materials such as pink fiber concrete, reliefs, red, gray, and brown brick, two shades of green, light natural stone, glass, a yellow-toned lacquered metal facade with ridges, and copper-like cladding.

New Energy Center with Heat Recovery

Environmental concerns are paramount for the developers, and the project is BREEAM NOR Very Good certified. One of the measures has been to establish a cost-effective and environmentally friendly cooling solution with a high degree of heat recovery. The project has received support from ENOVA and explored three innovative approaches:

  1. High-temperature delivery from heat pumps to the district heating network and utilizing the same installation for district cooling.

  2. Establishment of dual seawater pipelines.

  3. Advanced control of the energy center and energy system using machine learning and Model Predictive Controller (MPC).

The purpose of the dual seawater pipelines is to prevent fouling and other operational challenges.

"Bluegreen has provided sea pipeline work for intake and discharge, as well as the installation of pipes and pipe components on the cold side of the heat exchangers. The pipe dimensions are mostly D315mm," explains project engineer Bård Bergan.

Read more about the project at Byggindustrien.

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