BLUEGREEN GROUP | 31st05.2023

Sea pipelines for carbon capture facility

The carbon capture facility of Heidelberg Materials (formerly Norcem) in Brevik is making steady progress. We have been engaged to supply non-metallic piping and sea pipelines. Last week, the sea pipelines were installed.

Residents in the Brevik area witnessed a long sea transport as 750 meters of pipes were transported from our plastic workshop in Røra to Norcem in Brevik.

"There is a 750-meter-long sea pipeline that runs from the dock and out to a depth of 90 meters in Eidangerfjorden. This will transport seawater for cooling the carbon capture facility," explains Erik Klepp, project manager at Bluegreen. "The carbon capture process involves cooling hot CO2 gas into a liquid form so that it can be transported by ships and stored in the seabed. The naturally cold seawater is an important part of this process."

"In the opposite direction, we will lay a 270-meter discharge pipeline down to a depth of 40 meters. It will be installed with a 45-meter diffuser that disperses the warm water."

Customized concrete mattresses

To ensure that the sea pipeline lies stably on the fjord floor, we have used a combination of weights and concrete mattresses:

"The area near Norcem is very tight and has a lot of activity in the water basin. To avoid the use of weights, which require more space, we have pre-loaded the first 110 meters of the sea pipeline with customized concrete mattresses."

The project was carried out in collaboration with Dykkerteknikk AS and the local tugboat company Trond Kittilsen.

Erik Klepp

Project Engineer

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