BLUEGREEN GROUP | 01.09.2021

We have received a National Approval

National approval of Enterprises is a voluntary quality scheme that describes professional competence, routines for quality assurance and seriousness in the enterprise. The scheme is a seal of quality, which gives our customers assurance on our competence and quality.

In order to receive National Approval, the company is assessed against the official building regulations. In the application, we must document that we have qualifications, with regard to both education and practice, which corresponds to the approval areas for which we are applying. We were granted the following approvals:

- It is important for us to have the National Approval, says HSE and HR manager Elg Ragnar Thunes. – It documents our professional expertise and references, and the high quality we have on both staff and systems.  The approval makes it easier for us to win tenders, and stand out as a solid company in the industry. We have a high level of education and competence, and have received the highest class in several areas. We have talented people and great quality systems - this is getting noticed.

The National Approval also documents that we are an approved training company for apprentices.

Elg Ragnar Thunes

Partner / HSEQ and HR manager

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