BLUEGREEN GROUP | 28.09.2021

Sterner // Sande Settefisk

In August, we signed a multi-year strategic cooperation agreement with Sterner. We have previously delivered pipe packages to hatchery and and fish lab on Campus Ås, and we're now in the process of delivering a new exciting job.

Sande Settefisk in Sandane will establish a new plant for the production of post-smolt, which will increase Sande Settefisk's total production from 1 to as much as 5 million smolts annually. Sterner won the contract for the construction of the plant and has engaged Bluegreen to deliver the process pipe package in thermoplastic.

- Bluegreen has a demonstrated expertise in thermoplastics and is a reliable supplier. They delivered well on the project at Campus Ås, and we look forward to a long-term collaboration, says Kim David Lid, CEO of Sterner Solutions.

The plant will use Sterner's modular RAS technology (Recirculating Aquaculture System). Compared to traditional centralized RAS systems, the modular solution entails a number of important advantages:

The pipe package we deliver, will transport water between six vessels and the RAS system. It is over 50 meters long and the largest pipe has a diameter of 800 mm. The project will engage 10 people from Bluegreen in a three month period.

- Sterner is at the forefront of RAS technology, and has good products and skilled staff. It is very rewarding to work with them, says Bård Bergan, calculator and project engineer.

The picture below is from the installation of the facility on Campus Ås.

Bård Bergan

Project Engineer

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