BLUEGREEN GROUP | 23rd11.2021

The ground pipes soon completed

Throughout the autumn, we have had a team in place at idyllic Sandane by Nordfjord. Here we lay the foundation - literally - for the production of 4 million post-smolt annually.

Sterner won the contract to build the new plant for Sande Settefisk and engaged Bluegreen to deliver the process pipe package. Rune Dorholt is our project manager on site, and has has experienced weather typical for Western Norway:

"The view is fantastic, with fjords and steep mountains, but there have not been so many mountain hikes", laughs Rune. "There has been a lot of rain, but fortunately no snow. That's the most important thing!"

We have completed 70% of the ground pipes, that is the pipes that lie under the floor in the plant. Rune reports that the project is going according to plan:

"There are not many pipe fusion companies that manage to lay so many pipes, in such a short time", Rune says satisfied, and adds: "The collaboration with the ground contractor Olav Hjelmeset and Allbygg on concrete is very good. The area is so big, so we work well side by side. It has not been necessary to stop once".

The plan is for the plant to be completed and put into use in August 2022.

Rune Dorholt

Project Manager / BIM Engineer

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