BLUEGREEN GROUP | 4th08.2022

We are expanding in engineering, project and administration

This summer we have recruited two new employees to work on engineering, project and administration in Bluegreen.

Ole Martin Lunde is employed as Project and Administration Manager. He lives in Porsgrunn and comes from the position of Senior Project Manager at Otera Traftek. There, among other things, he was responsible for the installation of electricity fixtures on the new interstate E18 between Langrønningen and Rugtvedt in Telemark.

"Bluegreen is an exciting company. I know Nils, Geir and Elg well from before, and I like the culture that the guys create", says Ole Martin. "They are able to achieve a lot of great stuff, and when I had the opportunity to join the company, it was a no-brainer to say yes. In a start-up, you can contribute to success in a completely different way than a large company."

Ole Martin's role is new to Bluegreen. His responsibility will be project support and supervision and as well as administration.

"I will ensure structure and control", Ole Martin laughs, and reveals that he is a passionate sailor in his spare time. "I have invested in a 34-foot sailboat, so the summer was spent sailing with my family."

A couple of offices away, we find Matias Pedersen (23) immersed in a 3D model. He is a newly graduated civil engineer from USN and works with technical drawing and structural analysis and design.

"Matias has a unique profile that is absolutely perfect for us," says Nils-Johan Tufte, CEO of Bluegreen. "He took a diploma in plastics mechanics through the TAF scheme before moving on to the engineering education. This provides a solid practical and theoretical understanding of thermoplastics. When we needed to increase our capacity in engineering and technical drawing, Matias was a natural first choice."

Matias is delighted with his new job:

"I got the opportunity to learn from experienced and talented people, in an industry where I have both qualifications and experience. Bluegreen is an innovative company and I find that particularly interesting and fun. I work with 3D models, develop, construct and draw solutions. I'm having a great time - the days go incredibly fast!"

In his spare time, Matias cultivates an interest in motor sports: "I never miss a single Formula 1 race."