BLUEGREEN GROUP | 2nd02.2022

We are expanding the machine park

We are in strong growth, and start the year with new employees - and several new machines.

American McElroy makes the world's best fusion machines, in our view. When we had the opportunity to buy as many as five machines at a good price, we did not hesitate. The machines are TracStar models that are self-propelled via rubber crawler tracks and self-contained with all of the necessary electrical equipment on board. They can traverse rough terrain in an efficient way, and handle grades up to an impressive 30%. Perfect for Norwegian conditions! The carriages are mounted on the track-driven chassis for easy pipe loading and movement along the pipe, and are in fact also removable so that pipes can be fused on special applications in the ditch. All our fusion machines from McElroy have automatic storage of fusion data for documentation.

In addition, we have acquired three PolyHorse pipe handling systems. They take care of the pipe from delivery onward — eliminating the need for a piece of heavy equipment to constantly tend to the next length of pipe. This insures a gentle and efficient installation of pipes in the field. Test results show up to 30% time reduction when using McElroy fusion machines and PolyHorse, of course with high quality fusion results.

We have purchased fusion machines in several sizes - ranging from 500 mm to 1200 mm. All are equipped with hydraulic jaws so that we can weld pipes in all dimensions, mirrors, planers and pipe lifts.

In summary: We are rigged for 2022! We have the equipment and crew to handle all challenges - within thermoplastic fusion, anyway. ;-) Contact us for a non-binding offer.

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Kristoffer Rønning

Workshop Manager

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