BLUEGREEN GROUP | 20th03.2024

Chile: Bluegreen at AquaSur

AquaSur is the largest meeting point for the aquaculture industry in South America. It attracts participants and visitors from around the world, including both fish farmers and suppliers. We are participating alongside our partner McElroy.

It's quite a journey from Norway to Chile, but it's very exciting to participate in AquaSur, especially alongside our great partner McElroy. We have a booth and will be giving presentations together.

Our CEO, Nils-Johan Tufte, represents Bluegreen.

"It's interesting and educational to meet the aquaculture industry in Chile and hear about their opportunities and challenges," says Tufte. "Like the rest of the world, sustainability is high on the agenda. There is significant interest in Marine Donut, and many see floating closed containment technology as a potential solution to challenges related to climate change and fish health.

"If we were to receive an order for Marine Donut from Chile, the plan, of course, is not to ship a 'donut' by boat from Norway, but to establish local production. This would provide local jobs and knowledge development, which are central to our sustainability commitment

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