BLUEGREEN GROUP | 16th03.2022

Five months work – covered by concrete

Sande Settefisk is expanding its facility to increase production by as much as 4 million post-smolts. We were engaged to deliver the process pipe package, and now three layers of ground pipes are finished.

"We welded the first pipes at the end of October. Now the entire ground pipe system is finished, and covered by the concrete floor," says Rune Dorholt, project manager at Bluegreen. "There are a few thousand hours of work that is now hidden beneath the concrete!"

When Rune is asked if the job has presented any challenges, he refers to what the main contractor Sterner writes on LinkedIn:

"Despite major challenges with both cold and large amounts of snow, we are able to maintain progress, and the plant is expected to be completed during October 2022."

"But in our industry, bad weather is more the rule than the exception. We have good routines for dealing with it," Rune states. "The project has gone as budgeted both in terms of working hours and timeline, we are very pleased with that."

Rune praises the good collaboration with both Sterner and Allbetong: "With good communication and interaction, we solve any challenge in a flexible way."

Project manager at Sterner, Thomas Haugehåtveit agrees: "We are satisfied with the good dialogue and cooperation that we have with Bluegreen, as well as a very solution-oriented attitude on the construction site. This means that we reach our goal with good solutions despite challenges along the way."

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Before the concrete deck was cast, we carried out a leak test of all pipes to make sure they were 100% tight. The pipes will be used for transporting fish, oxygenated water and purified water.

Now Overhalla Betongbygg is in place to complete the next step in the project: installation of elements for walls and vessels. Bluegreen is committed to delivering liners to the guys.

"The team is set to spend the spring in Western Norway this year," Rune concludes.

Timelapse showing the first 4 months of construction, by Sterner.

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