BLUEGREEN GROUP | 9th02.2022

Increasing capacity with six new employees

In Bluegreen we are alway on the look out for talented people. So when Bjørn, Jan Egil and Kim Andre knocked on our door this autumn, we did not hesitate to say "Welcome to us!".

Bjørn Hansen, Jan Egil Maljers and Kim Andre Gravdal are former colleagues from ØPD, and had all continued to BMO. After a year, the trio were ready for new challenges - closer to their core competence: plastic fusion within the fishfarming industry.

"Hahaha, we said that "here you get three for one"", laughs Bjørn, who is team manager and has been in the industry since 1987. He is on the phone from Sandane in Nordfjord, where all three have been placed on the same shift team. Sande Settefisk will increase production by as much as 4 million post-smolt annually and it takes a substantial number of working hours to add the process pipe package to the enormous plant.

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Jan Egil and Kim Andre are both ADK plumbers / industrial plumbers and plastic welders. They thrive in the profession, including travel.

"I live in Dalen in Telemark. It is not exactly central, but since this is a travel job, you can live everywhere", says Kim André. "I enjoy working a lot when I'm at work, followed by a longer period off work. This suits me much better than a 9-5 job."

Elg Ragnar Thunes, partner and HSE / HR manager at Bluegreen, is very pleased with his new colleagues:

"These are professionals with long experience and impressive expertise in plumbing and plastic welding for land-based facilities. Bjørn, Jan Egil and Kim Andre are really skilled and experienced plumbers and plastic welders. They are very solid and add valuable expertise."

"In addition to the trio, we have hired Endre Wingereid and Ståle Finmark who also have extensive experience with plastic welding and construction piping. This gives increased capacity of course, at the same time as we can provide the most competent team possible for the assignment. We have many exciting projects underway, so now we are well equipped for both crew and equipment", says Elg enthusiastically and adds that Caroline Ritch-Wedding started as an apprentice in plastic welding in January. "We think it is important to contribute to recruitment to the subject, and it is extra fun with more girls."

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"I am impressed with what Nils-Johan, Geir and Elg have built up in such a short time", says Jan Egil. "They have got many exciting jobs, and more are on the way. It's a great environment to be a part of."

Elg Ragnar Thunes

Partner / HSEQ and HR manager

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