BLUEGREEN GROUP | 1st07.2021

Innovative product for the future aquaculture industry

In order to increase fish production and ensure good fish welfare, we must find solutions to the challenges of escape, lice and overconsumption of medicine and feed. The new, sustainable and cost-effective product Marine Donut, solves these problems, writes Fiskeri og Havbruk in an article about Bluegreen.

- We have been involved in developing and building infrastructure and constructions for countless land-based fish farms, but it is floating, closed fish farms we are investing heavily in. Even though we are newly established, we have significant experience from the industry, says Nils-Johan Tufte, CEO of Bluegreen.

He refers, among other things, to the development and construction of the Preline Fishfarming system which is currently operated by Lerøy, and FishGLOBE v5 which is operated by Ryfish / Grieg Seafood.

Sustainable Solutions

- Many are concerned about microplastics and plastic waste. This is a big problem, globally. But thermoplastic is a recyclable and environmentally friendly product that reduces material consumption, resists corrosion and prevents leakage. Our vision is to deliver the world's most environmentally friendly solutions for and in water, says Yvonne Aasbø, CMO at Bluegreen. She highlights the new Strategy for Aquaculture that will be launched by Norwegian authorities this summer.

- Sustainability on the agenda means that the entire industry must thoroughly consider closed farming. We have a completely new product, and we are ready to position ourselves when the aquaculture strategy is launched, she says.

Marine Donut

The new product Aasbø is talking about is a closed farming unit that is environmentally friendly, provides good fish welfare and is cost-effective. The construction is shaped like a donut, where the fish swims around or stands in the stream.

- Here we have thought completely out of the box both in terms of design and production strategies, says Tufte, and says that the idea came about after a dream.

- I woke up after dreaming of a donut-shaped fish farm. I started to google, and then a picture came up of a bath ring shaped like a donut, where someone had taken a bite. I thought that inside that bit there might be a power switch, and went out to the kitchen and started drawing and calculating volume, weight and cost. That led to me to patent the solution and further develop the product, says Tufte.

- Mowi were excited about the concept, applied for a development permit and was awarded it. It is a proof of quality and a recognition, he continues.

Read the full article here (Norwegian only)

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