BLUEGREEN GROUP | 10th01.2022

Lødingen Fisk // New PE lining on fish chambers

When Lødingen Fisk had challenges before Christmas, Bluegreen came to the rescue. A team of four traveled up to Vesterålen to change PE lining on four fish chambers.

Lødingen Fisk was established in 2002 and produces fry and smolt for the aquaculture industry. The company is partly owned by, among others, Egil Kristoffersen and Sønner AS, Salaks, Eidsfjord Sjøfarm and Øyfisk AS. A planned maintenance was postponed due to staffing problems at the supplier. There was only one problem: There were fish that needed to be transferred to the tank very soon so it was urgent to get them repaired!

"We were in trouble. The lining in four chambers had to be changed, and urgently," says Truls Olsen, general manager of Lødingen Fisk. "The plastic welders we usually use were busy. I asked around a bit and was tipped off about Bluegreen. I went to their website, got in touch, and one week later the team and materials were in place in Vestbygd. And just before Christmas!"

Tommy Mikkelsen, project engineer and team manager of Plastic Welding at Bluegreen, went up north with a team of four men.

"The fish chambers have steel on the outside and are lined with PE sheets. On these tanks, the plastic had cracked, which will cause a leak," Tommy explains, and continues: "In Bluegreen, we have a culture of stepping up to the occasion, and always putting the customer first. We are a "onestop-shop", and take 100% responsibility for both people, materials and equipment."

The weather is, as everyone knows, an extra challenge in the north of Norway in December.

"There is a lot of weather this time of year, with snow, wind, freezing temperatures and the Polar night," says Tommy. "These conditions that are not exactly optimal for plastic welding, but we have good routines for handling all kinds of weather. Lødingen Fisk was also very helpful with facilitation."

Two tanks were welded before Christmas, and now the team is in place to do the last two.

"We are very happy with Bluegreen," says Truls. "We highly value that they were able to obtain materials and crew in such a short time, and they deliver very well in demanding weather conditions."

The fish chambers are 20 years old, but lined with new UV-resistant PE, they are completely renewed and will last for another 20 years - at least.

Lødingen Fisk // New PE lining on fish chambers