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Recruitment: Are you our next CFO?

We are in a strong growth phase, with a full order book for several years ahead. To ensure that our growth is profitable, we need a strong and competent CFO. Perhaps that's you?

“We have grown from zero to several hundred million in just three years. To support us on this journey, we have closely collaborated with BDO and hired Erik Ritch-Reinfjord as our ‘CFO for hire’,” says Nils-Johan Tufte, CEO of Bluegreen and the company's main shareholder.

But there is a time for everything.

“With all the activity ahead, such as building three FishGlobes simultaneously, and likely one or more Marine Donuts both here in Norway and abroad, in addition to all external assignments including for land-based aquaculture and industry, we need a full-time CFO,” explains Tufte.

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Experience with project organizations and export finance is a must

We have engaged the company Seafood People to assist in the recruitment. It is a consulting firm specialized in business development and recruitment for the fisheries and aquaculture industry.

“We believe Bluegreen needs a CFO who has experience with project organizations,” explains Per Håkon Stenhaug, managing director at Seafood People. “The person should also have worked internationally and have experience with export financing.”

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Must be triggered by development and growth

Tufte is also concerned that the profile must fit into Bluegreen's corporate culture.

“Although Bluegreen has come a long way, it is still a young company. We are in strong development, and although things are absolutely in order, there is still a way to go before all processes are streamlined. Our CFO must handle this, while of course, we want them to contribute to establishing necessary processes and routines,” says Tufte, adding: “But instead of coming to a laid table, as one might do in large, established companies, one will – and must – help shape and develop Bluegreen. We are looking for a CFO who is triggered by this, and finds the prospect of this role both exciting and rewarding.”

“ We are looking for a CFO who is triggered by contributing to development and growth, and finds the prospect of this role both exciting and rewarding. Nils-Johan Tufte, CEO Bluegreen

Strong collaboration and communication skills

The culture at Bluegreen is characterized by strong unity, inclusion, and high engagement. To succeed in the role, it is important that the CFO has the right balance between being clear and flexible, has good communication skills, and can collaborate well with people at all levels of the organization.

Are you the one we are looking for? Or do you know someone who might be? We greatly appreciate all applications, recommendations, and tips!

The application deadline is July 28.

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