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In 2021, we constructed a FishGLOBE 3.5K for Uponor. At that time, it was the world's largest thermoplastic construction. Now, we at Bluegreen are set to build three globes simultaneously: 3.5K, 10K, and a massive 30K.

CEO Nils-Johan Tufte and COO Sondre Thorsen are looking forward to starting the construction of the three globes. The illustration shows the size comparison, where the smallest has a diameter of 22 meters, equivalent to the length of three trucks. The largest globe, with a capacity of 30,000 m³, has a diameter equivalent to six trucks!

This spring, FishGLOBE signed contracts for the delivery, operation, and maintenance of three of their patented globes: FishGLOBE 3.5K (3,500 m³), FishGLOBE 10K (10,000 m³), and FishGLOBE 30K (30,000 m³). The globes will be delivered to well-known and currently confidential clients during 2025 and 2026. The total contract value for FishGLOBE exceeds 500 million NOK.

Strategic Partnerships

Bluegreen, together with ICON Systems in Sandnes, are the main partners in the new contracts. This ensures continuity, learning, and knowledge transfer from the construction of two globes currently in full production of post-smolt in Lysefjorden. Additionally, FishGLOBE brings operational experience from 14 groups of farmed salmon in the globes.

Nils-Johan Tufte, CEO of Bluegreen, is proud to be one of FishGLOBE's strategic partners.

“ We strongly believe that floating closed containment will play a key role in the future of fish farming. As a leading expert in thermoplastics, we are pleased to apply our knowledge and experience to build these large, complex structures. Nils-Johan Tufte, CEO Bluegreen

Development License in Cooperation with Nova Sea

FishGLOBE 30K will be delivered to Nova Sea and includes two development licenses previously awarded to FishGLOBE by the Directorate of Fisheries. The 30K project became particularly challenging after the introduction of the ground rent tax in autumn 2022.

"We are incredibly proud that such a well-renowned company as Nova Sea is coming on board as a partner in this project," says Hellestøl. "Nova Sea has impressed us in every way from the first time we met, and we look forward to working with them moving forward. This will be a fully Norwegian project; with farming in Nordland, technology from Rogaland, construction in Eastern Norway, and suppliers from across the coast."

IIllustration showing the size of the FishGLOBE 30K

International Contracts

FishGLOBE 3.5K and FishGLOBE 10K will be delivered to an international client. According to Tor Hellestøl, CEO of FishGLOBE, the company has been strategically focused on exporting globes to various markets for several years.

"We strategically chose to push hard on exporting our technology given that regulations, resource rent tax, etc., made commercialization in Norway challenging. I want to commend our team for their perseverance during a tough period. We are very pleased that the long-term effort has resulted in significant contracts and an order reserve for the coming years."

Tor Hellestøl, CEO of FishGLOBE. The picture was taken during the launch of the FishGLOBE that we built in 2021.

Expecting Government Facilitation for Floating Closed Containment

Tufte also notes that Norwegian aquaculture policy has not exactly stimulated the commercialization of new technology in recent years.

"These orders are triggered by projects abroad and development licenses; now we expect the government to implement schemes and framework conditions to facilitate increased opportunities for such facilities in Norway going forward."

Construction Begins Immediately

There will be bustling construction activity at Bluegreen's site in the coming years. The plan is for the three globes to be built more or less simultaneously.

"We are already well underway with the planning. It is a big and exciting challenge, but we are ready and well-equipped. We have secured a large construction site with a quay fronting Frierfjorden, large tents, skilled people, the best technology in thermoplastics, and not least, great partners," explains Tufte.

"But we will also need more skilled professionals. We are already conducting interviews, but it's not too late to express interest. Feel free to contact us," he concludes.

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From the launch of the FishGLOBE 3.5K in the fall of 2021. We are now set to build a FishGLOBE that is 10 times larger.

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