BLUEGREEN GROUP | 5th03.2024

Bluegreen is "chosen by Google"

The news of Google's establishment in Skien was received with great jubilation. The data center has a price tag of over 6 billion kroner, and Google estimates that the construction will employ over 4000 people. Bluegreen is one of the local companies that will benefit from the initiative.

Skanska and their subsidiary Marthinsen & Duvholt have secured the contract for the groundwork and foundation work of the data center. This includes a range of tasks, from site preparation with blasting and filling of masses to concrete work and construction of roads with associated infrastructure.

Bluegreen has been awarded a subcontractor role in the infrastructure, responsible for welding the PE water pipeline that will supply water from the Skien waterworks to the Google site.

Sondre Thorsen, COO of Bluegreen, explains:

"The PE pipes vary in diameter from 125 mm, 280 mm to 500 mm. We currently have two employees on the assignment, but expect this number to double over time."

Opportunities for the local supplier industry

Grenland, considered one of the country's most important industrial areas, has several projects with national dimensions underway. It's gratifying to see that these projects provide opportunities for local employment and growth within the supplier industry.

"The carbon capture facility in Brevik is another major project in the region where we have been involved since 2021," says Thorsen. "We supply non-metallic piping both above and below ground level, in addition to the sea pipeline for cooling water to the carbon capture process and the discharge pipeline with diffusers for the hot process water."

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"Google's data center represents a significant opportunity for the local community, and we are pleased that the local supplier industry is getting its share of the pie - including us."

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